Trendy Happy Thanksgiving Images

On the occasion of Happy Thanksgiving 2015,I have rounded up a list of trendy images about this great day.

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7 Trendy Facebook Templates to Use in Education

Harnessing the power of social networks in teaching is significantly becoming the buzzword in the educational sphere nowadays.taking students needs,aspirations, and expectations is all what 21st century education about.

In today's post, I am sharing with you some trendy facebook templates to use in the classroom

1.Click here to download and customise the way you like

2.Click here to download
3.This one is used from read write think

4.Fakebook template,watch the video to know how to use it.

5.Powerpoint template

6.MS Word template

7.Google docs facebook templates

14 Creative Bookmarks for Bibliophiles

 By Nancy Young
Ebooks have many advantages over print books: convenience, 24/7 availability, you can get the content almost instantly and right from the comforts of home or the office. And yet we are still finding it hard to let go of print.
Perhaps it is the smell of paper, or the sound of a crispy page turning, or thewarm texture of cellulose embedded in the paper. It could also be because ofthe feel of a good book in your hand, the strong hard cover, or the flimsy but always dependable bookmark.
With that last part in mind, we’ve searched for 20 creative bookmark designs that would look great poking out of the middle of a good book. Check out the collection below and feel free to name your favourite in the comments.

10 awesome Chrome Apps for Clasroom Management

In this tech-savy world,managing,monitoring,and keeping track of students progress is not restricted just to the is a list of some amazing Chroome apps to help teachers manage their classrooms:

1.Google classroom:
2.Class DOJO



6.Exit ticket

7.Stick Pick




11 Handy Templates to create newspapers

EDpuzzle: Make any video your lesson

Delivering presentations using technology is a very much needed skill every teacher and student should be acquired with.So,if you are you looking for a way to turn your lessons into engaging presentations and thrilling educational videos, look no further than is a free browser-based website,no software needed, allowing its users to:
  • Crop videos
  • Add your voice by inserting audio notes or recording your own voice
  • Embed quizzes
  • search for videos from Khan academy,Youtube, LearnZilion...etc
  • Upload your own videos to your class
  • Helps teachers to monitor and track their students'progress and check their understanding
Edpuzzle also works well for the flipped classroom

Watch this Tutorial to learn more 

unmissable tips to stimulate online discussion

in our time being wherein e-learning has become an integral part of our daily life,discussing online with students  is a skill most teachers seem to belittle in their teaching practices.below is an infographic showcasing great tips to stimulate and encourage online discussion

16 online discussion tips