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Making Positive Changes in Students'Life

« Teaching effectively is not one size fits all », I do strongly believe. There is no ready -made, magical recipe that teachers should stick to when teaching. This is, undoubtedly, due to the fact that teaching is related to the most intelligent species on earth, human being whose behaviour is totally unexpected. Our society is witnessing dramatic changes, and the spiral upsurge of juvenile delinquency is a case in point. Thus, As a teacher whose pride and jealousy of the future of education exceeds other considerations, i would adopt my own humanistic approach to inspire, revive, and empower those ‘’ innocent’’ little devils, students.

Ever since I was a first grade student, I aspired to be taught by a passionate, lenient, and sympathetic teacher. I was at the top of the world if my teacher tapped smilingly my shoulder or called my first name. Hardworking although I was , I lacked loving care from my teacher. I do believe in the famous proverb « you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink ». Taking students’ emotions and needs into account is the only way to make students drink water from the river of knowledge. When you treat students as if they were your siblings and show that you are anxious for their future, I can guarantee mutual unprecedented love and respect between the teacher and his/her students.

 The undeniable fact that the bulk of students descend from broken, poverty stricken families shouldn’t stifle our sense of initiave, innovation and adventure. Rather, this is to boost teachers’ morals and look for means to cure this problem. To my way of thinking, the cure lies in adopting the humanistic approach in education. In this regard, I would like to share with you a true anecdote that took place in Morocco, Abdo Elkarim Khatabi high school. three years ago , my host teacher, Mrs Amina , taught a drug addicted student whose parents live in slums. Because she is deeply interested in her students’s future, Mrs Amina did her best to help her student. She called him by phone many times, she enquired after him outside school, she presided a campaign with the hope of minimizing delinquent students in Abdo elkarim khatabi. One day her addicted student came in the middlle of the session crying in the classroom then he warmly hugged Mrs Amina with the clap of his classmates. He promised Mrs Amina and his classmates not to turn to drugs again. This is assuredly crystal clear evidence that adopting the tenets of the humanistic approach pays off in the long term.

A good teacher, metaphorically speaking, is a midwife. Just as the midwife assists the body to give birth to a new life, so the teacher assists the mind to deliver itself of ideas. Last but not least, I would say that adopting a humanistic teaching philosophy is the solely avenue to bring up a good generation.

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