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Why use technology in education

 It  proves without any shadow of doubt that our 21st century is witnessing an unprecedented boom in information technology which  has pervasive effects on our daily lives and our economy.Hence, the integration of technology in education has become an urgent necessity.Not only does technology enable us perform old jobs in new ways, but laso empowers us to do things in education that we were previously unable to do.Currenntly, more than 25  of schools are equipped with computers( national center for education statistics,2000).However, knowledge about how to best apply tecnlogy in education is the crux of the a teacher, I do believe that  how technology is used in education is more vital than tecnlogy itself. Teachers with acces to computers as tools to facilitate their daily work are more likely to appreciate the potential  value of computers for their students. As educators, parents, and even decision makers, we ought to aim at promoting human cognition through the aid of technology rather than giving people access to the latest technology

In a nutshell, technology in education should be used as a means to an end and not an end in itself
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