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Common mistakes every EFL teacher should know about

I have recently read a book common mistakes in English by T.J Fitikides. I would like to share with you some Common mistakes.You can order the book online to know more about these mistakes.

1) Arrive at, not to:
      Don't say:  He arrived to the town at night
       Say        : He arrived at the twon at night

N.B: arrive in is used with large cities and countries: He arrived in London
2) Good vs well
                       Don't say: Robert played very good
                        Say        : Robert played very well
  Good functions as an adjective, and can't be used as an adverb.

3) As vs Like:
          Don't say: she doesn't look as her mother
          Say        :she doesn't look like her mother

As is a conjunction which is followed by a noun or pronoun in the nominative case.Like is an adejective which behaves like a preposition in being followed by a noun or a pronoun in the objective case

4) As well as :
        Don't say: Robert as well as Jack are coming
        Say:           Robert as well as Jack is coming
We use the singular form of the verb if two nouns are joined by as well as

5) Shade vs Shadow:
  He likes to sit in the shade
the monkey dog saw his shadow in the water

Shade is a place sheltred from the sun while Shadow is a shade of a distinct form, as of man, dog,,,etc

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