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The Cooperative Listening Technique every Teacher Should Know about

Unquestionably, teaching listening comprehension is a challenging task for teachers.Hence, in today's post I am going to share with you a nice technique teachers can rely on to teach the listening skill strategically and effectively.This technique is simply called cooperative listening which aims at training learners to employ strategies to understand spoken messages.

My rational behind writing about this technique is the following:

  • Teachers focus on the listening task as a product rather than as a process
  • Instead of teaching students  how to listen effectively, teachers prioritize testing the students listening comprehension.
  • Some teachers still adopt  the traditional pedagogy in teaching listening: they pre-teach vocabulary students are to hear to.After listening to the material, students are asked to answer some comprehension questions , followed by pronunciation practice.

Steps using the cooperative listening technique in the classroom:

  1. The teacher divides the students into groups or pairs and gives them written questions about the material they are to listen to.
  2. The teachers encourages students to make notes of whatever they get from the listening task and try to answer the questions.Only after this does the teacher insist on students to utilize whatever strategies to accomplish the task and remember those strategies.the recorded material is then played.
  3. The teacher has the students share with their group members or parteners any information they got from the listening task,including the answer to the questions.
  4. The Teacher has the students share with each other the strategies they used to understand the task
  5. Each group or pair reports the results of their cooperation. The report should involve: the ideas students got from the task,and the strategies they used to accomplish the task. I'd rather have the teacher write those strategies on the board.
  6. Th teacher replays the listening task so students check their answers
  7. The teacher has students discuss their listening strategies and highlight some effective ones
  8. The teacher may ask some students to give more details of their strategies  so that their classmates can use them as a model

 Some advantages of this technique:
  • Weak learners learn from more able learners how to listen strategically.
  • It promotes active participation and mutual helpfulness.
  • It gives learners opportunity to let  other class members, including the teacher,know about the strategies they are using
  • The comments and feedback given by the teacher are to enhance or confirm the effectiveness of the strategies students use

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