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Top 10 Free Andriod Apps to Learn English

As we live in a fast-paced world, mobile learning has become a prerequisite to the 21st century students.for this reason, I've compiled a list of top free apps for students to learn English. Enjoy the list below.

1.English Tenses
This app helps you know more about English tenses and provide some tests

2.English Irregular Verbs
This app helps you grasp irregular verbs in a nice way

3.Audio Dictionary English
It provides very simple definitions together with pronunciation

4.English Picture Dictionary
Learn words with their related pictures

5.Kids Learn Animals
It helps kids learn about animals by seeing images and hearing animal sounds

It provides dialogues for language learners

7.Learn English Audio and Video
As its name indicates, you can learn English by listening and watching different videos

8.King of Math

  Learn mathematics in an efficient and funny way

9.Memory Game for Kids
It develops learners cognitive skills, and the ability to memorize words

10.English Grammar
Enjoy learning English grammar with this cool app

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