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Top 10 Quiz Tools for Teacher

The Internet revolution has considerably simplified the teaching and the learning process.One aspect of this is the crux of my today's post.I am going to share with you some amazing free online tools  teachers can rely on to create tests and quizzes for their students

1. Mystudiohttp

     Helps you create interactive and online quizzes
2. Hot Potatoes

  This tool allows create  interactive crossword,multiple-choice,jumbled-sentence, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises.
3. Quibblo

This tool helps you create, share , and take online fun quizzes
4. What2learn

This tool gives you free access to ready-made tests and quizzes
5. Equizzer

Create quizzes that students can take online
6. Easy Test Maker

 Online tool test generator to help you create your tests

 Helps you create and answer trivia quizzes

          it enables you create, take , and browse online quizzes

enables create quizzes for your classroom
10. Yacapaca

        it helps you create and upload your quizzes and test or use already created quizzes and test

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