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Why Teachers Should Use Anecdotes in the Classroom?

There is a general consensus among educators that bringing students and teachers'personal experiences and stories in the classroom is essential to the 21st century teaching and learning.One way to bring the outside world in the classroom is to use anecdotes.The latter is ,by definition, a short,interesting or amusing story about a real person or event.
 In our everyday life, we use anecdotes either to cheer up others during a conversation or to convey a certain message or a moral.In the educational sphere, anecdotes prove a good strategy to attract audience attention both in oral presentations or writing.That's why some teachers,including me, believe that anecdotes can:

1.Arouse students'interest and establish a friendly atmosphere in the classroom
2. Build a positive rapport between the teacher the students as their personal experiences no longer belong to them alone
3. Generate discussion to help students use their language skills
4. Engage unmotivated students and wake up sleepy ones because students are always highly interested in experiences of their peers and teachers
5. Boost genuine communication in the classroom: students ask questions for clarification or extra information and also give evaluative feedback just as in real life interaction.

Anecdotes used in the classroom can be categorized into three groups: Planned anecdotes, semi-planned anecdotes, and unplanned anecdotes.
        A. Planned anecdotes:
These anecdotes are similar to those used in presentations or writing.The teacher plans when and  how to use the anecdote in the lesson,and what kind of questions or exercises will follow the anecdote
       B.Semi-planned anecdotes:
These anecdotes differ from planned anecdotes because the complete details are not worked out by the teacher in advance.For example, the teacher compiles list of his anecdotes then the students choose which one to listen to
      C.Unplanned anecdotes:
These anecdotes come up naturally and spontaneously in the flow of the classroom activities

Now, I would like to share with you this anecdote when I was a teacher trainee four years ago.

P.S: feel free to share with  me your anecdotes

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