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4 Tips to Avoid Summer Slide

The current school year is almost over, which means it's time  for summer break.During this period,unfortunately, the majority of students leave behind their academic life to enjoy to the full their non academic one; that is , going to the beach,travelling,hanging around with friends, spending more time with family,to name but a few.By the way,this was nearly the answer of my EFL students when i asked them to write a paragraph about what they would do in their summer holiday.As a result, students lose track of what they were taught at school.this loss,occurring in summer time, is called "Summer Slide'' or "Summer learning loss''.Therefore,at the start of the new school year, teachers devote 4 to 5 weeks revision to keep their students on the right track again

Now that you get the point,I'm going to share with you some  tips parents and teachers can rely on to avoid their children and students' summer slide respectively.

 1.Set a good model  to follow
  Never expect the unexpected as actions sound louder than words.As a parent,if you want to encourage your kids read in summer,then you should read anytime and anywhere so that your kids observe you  and naturally take your lead.As a teacher,you can share with your students,via a facebook or yahoo group or any other platform, what you are reading in summer and ask students in turn what they are reading.

2.get children enrolled in a summer program
this sharpens their critical skills and and instill a sense of collaboration and group work

3.keep a summer scrapbook. Encourage your children,students to take pictures and write narratives of those pictures

4.Play educational way to keep children learning and having fun is to play educational is a website of great educational games to play in summer

If you have anything to add,don't hesitate to share

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