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5 Free Screencasting Tools to Use in The Classroom

A screencasting is, by definition, a digital audio and video recording of one's computer screen.This was mainly used as aiding video tutorials about computer's softwares.Today, we're going to make advantage of screencasting in the educational arena.Imagine if you, for example, prepare a power point or word presentation and you want to: embed your voice to read sentences,pause to clarify something,click and highlight key words, comment on pictures ,and most important of all deliver this as a video presentation .The only way to do this is via screencasting tools.So,Teachers can use screecasting to create rich,sophisticated,and engaging videos and multimedia presentations in the classroom.I've opted for 5 free screencasting tools teachers can use in the classroom

Free online one click screen to capture recording with no install

Easy to use web-based screen reorder,just click the record button to capture your screen and voice

Screencast tool to record video or audio from your desktop

This tool requires a download on your desktop then enjoy recording your files
It's like Camstudio, this tool also requires a download to start recording your desktop

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