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A Thought Provoking App to Polish Your Students' Writing Skill

Have your students or kids ever got stuck when it comes to jotting down ideas on paper?.If yes then you land on the right post.Brainstorming ideas seems to be the most important and challenging task in writing as it's related to each individual brain.Teachers can't,metaphorically speaking, get the stream of ideas of their student's brain onto paper, but only can they inspire students to give vein to their thoughts.

Knowing that most of our students,if not all, are digital natives,using technology as a writing prompt has become one of the leading characteristics of the 21st century teacher.So, have you ever used any web tool or app as a writing prompt?if yes, then I'm lucky to read about your experience, if no then here is an amazing app  you can try out with your students in the classroom.

       Story Starters
This is a free app  available on Ipad, Iphone, and Ipod touch.It is also suitable for different age groups ranging from 5 to 15 years old. Story Starters is an inspiring writing prompt thanks to its  updating list of magnetizing and thought provoking pictures from all around the world to give you the spark you need to write a story

Implementation in the classroom
  • The app should be connected to a classroom projector
  • Let your students use the app as a starting point for their own writing.
  • Discuss with your students picture in details
  • Challenge children to create a ‘freeze frame’ of the photo using drama. Interview each person to discuss what they are thinking / feeling?

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