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Pros and Cons of Looping teachers

Looping, in education,is a term coined by Jim Gram to refer to the practice of teaching the same group of students for two years or more.This educational technique is not new;it has been around in the one room school houses for a long time ago when students and their same teacher worked together for many years.This was mainly due to shortage of teachers,weak infrastructure,and budget constraints.However,positive results came into fruition: positive rapport between students and their teacher,reduce discipline problems,increase instructional time and performance rate, to name but a few.Since then,this technique has been applied by some countries,especially Germany, in the educational field.

As far as my four years teaching experience is concerned,I am a big advocate of looping teachers.My looped students outsmart the non looped  ones in many things like he first year's diagnostic test, for example .yet, i am quite sure that looping has downsides as well.

  • Increase in instructional time
  • decrease in discipline problems
  • strong bonds between the students and their teacher are created
  • the teachers know more about their student's intellectual strengths and weaknesses
  • social construction of knowledge is facilitated as students know each other very well
  • low anxiety atmosphere conducive to learning
  •  Being stuck with a demotivated,lazy and incompetent teacher
  • students have limited peers'intercation
  • students sometimes get bored with the same teaching style,or rather the same teacher
As you see, the benefits do ,for sure, outweigh the downsides of looping teachers

 Watch this to see what Students think about looping teachers

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