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The Dogme Approach in Langauge Teaching

 Dogme is a communicative approach to language teaching.The term was first coined by the Danish scott Thornbury.The roots of dogme in relation to education dates back to cinema when a handful of Danish film makers signed a " Vow of Chastity '' which was the manifesto of the dogme 95 film making industry.They aimed at cleansing cinema of the obsessive use of techniques,trickery, and superficiality of film making and giving birth to raw and rough quality of films devoid cinema artifice.
As a reaction to this movement,Scott applied the principles of Dogme in education and thus emerged the Dogme approach in language teaching.this approach rejected the use of imposed published textbooks and  materials in teaching a language because this stifles the authentic communication in the favours the use of ''emergent syllabus, that's to say the language emerging from students  rather than the external imposed syllabus found in most coursebooks.

                                                   Doing a Dogme lesson

 check out this website to know the pros and cons of dogme, and how a a dogme lesoon plan looks like

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