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Three Factors to Facilitate ICT integration in Teaching

  Learning and change are as old as the creation of human being.they are two sides of the same coin;one can't exist without the other.Each phase in human history calls for certain learning that we move from the 20th century to 21st century, the learning needs and characteristics of the former  have become something of the past.This is mainly because the primordial concern of education is to keep knowledge alive and prevent it from being inert.This Infographic depicts the main differences between 20th and 21st century education      
Since we live in a digitally oriented world, ICT has taken the share's lion in our everyday life, education is,of course, no exception.the effective integration of ICT in teaching is the trend of the 21st century education.For this very reason, i am sharing with you today three important interlinked factors to facilitate the integration and implementation of ICT in teaching

  The Three Factors
these three factors are resources,skills, and curriculum and they all make up an integration triangle
    1. Resources
A fully equipped classroom with tools and materials is to yield success more than a poorly equipped one
  important resources:
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Classroom desktop computers and laptops for certain programs
  • Cellphones and Ipods
  • Audio and Video conferencing
  • Tripods, microphones, cameras, speakers, headphones
2. Skills
The skills are divided into pedagogical and technical ones.the former outweigh the latter as the technical skill, the ability to use the hardware and software, is second to the ability to, the ability to use  a variety of pedagogical strategies together with some basic technical skills is at the core of 21st century teaching and learning

3. curriculum

The curriculum must reflect the 21st century learners' life. Teaching a 20th century curriculum in the 21st century prepares our students for a world that no longer exists.
The use of these three factors  results in a high level of technology integration in the classroom

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