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Top 5 Classroom Management Tips

Classroom management has always been under the spotlight  for many years in view of it's critical importance in academic achievement.In our time being, I think this issue is getting much more momentum as the students' misbehaviour is on the increase.Getting productive educational results is, assuredly,the desire of any teacher ,and the only way to achieve this is  through managing your student's behaviour effectively.In this regard, i am sharing with you 5 tips I consider effective and practical for class management
Classroom management

1. love your job and your students
this was the valuable advice i was given by my host teacher when i was a trainee teacher.from my very humble teaching experience of 4 years, i consider this to be the most important tip.Unless you enjoy what you're doing,then never expect any fruitful results because you are setting inadvertently a bad model for your students.Moreover, love your students,,listen attentively to their social and school problems and give them constructive feedback,show them that you are really anxious for their academic achievement and most important of all treat them as if they were your kids.In this way, I can guarantee unprecedented love and respect from the part of students

2 .Use positive reinforcement
I think it's instinctive in everyone of us that we want our good acts to be noticed , acknowledged and rewarded.the same thing applies to students.teachers should recognise their students'good behaviour and reinforce it positively by giving something to the student so that the behaviour happens again.By so doing, you encourage positive behaviour and discourage negative one

3. Have an engaging, well planned lesson
Bored students equal trouble.if the lesson is poorly planned, not engaging, then teacher's talking time is maximized while students'talking time is minimized.Therefore, students become passive,demotivated, and bored.On the contrary,the teacher should invests much time to plan wisely  the lesson and tend to engage his/her students as much as possible

4.Be fair
students are aware enough to know either you're fair or not in treating, you should tend to treat you students with equity and fairness so as to win their respect and avoid chaos in class

5. Use a little humour to stop disruption
Humour is one of the most important strategies to create a low anxiety atmosphere in the classroom.sometimes all it takes to stop a misbehaviour is to use your sense of humour to get everybody laugh.But, you should be cautious not to mix humour with sarcasm

Watch this video to learn more about classroom management strategies

I hope you can share with me your classroom management strategies

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