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19 revealing facts why Finnish educational system ranks the first

At first glance, I was really surprised to know that Finland ranks first in education as I didn't know much about the Finnish society.I used to think that the American and the British educational systems are the best because they invest much money on education.However, a thorough search about the education in Finland reveals many facts why  Finland is described as education phenomenon.

 According to PISA (programme for international student assessment), Finns are among the top in reading,mathematics and science

 Here are some facts why Finland outstanding educational system ranks the first:

1.Teaching is viewed as a priceless,prestigious profession.Eevery Finn aspires to become a teacher
2.Teachers enjoy obsolute trust and respect in Finland
3.Teachers are given the same status as lawyers and doctors

4.Finnish teachers are supportive
5.The learning environments are:
6. A master degree is a must to enter the teaching profession
7. Parents,teachers,principals,politicians are fully aware of the importance of quality education for their country's development
8.There are no private schools or universities in Finland and all public schools are state subsidized: tuition fees are free
9.The sate subsidize parents paying them around 150 Euro per month for every child untill he or she turns 17
10. All students enjoy the same equal educational system regardeless of their family backgrounds,social status,races and ethnicities: Equal education for all
11. Compulsory education begins at age 7

 12.Schools offer more than education: daily meals for students,psychological counselling and guidance, and health services
13.Less homework and more creative play
14.Teachers spend less hours at school, 4 hours a day, and devote their extra time to assess students and build curriculms

15.No mandated standardized tests except the National Matriculation Exam which everyone takes at the end of a voluntary upper-secondary school.
16. 75 minutes of recess a days is allowed for students in Finland contrasted with 27 minutes in the US
17.No merit pay for teachers
18. Cooperation rather competition is the main driver of education policy
19.Leadership matters

       Here are some videos about educational system in Finland:

 1. Inside the world's most surprizing school system

 2.Why education in Finland works

3.Finland's revolutionary education system

4.Lessons to learn from Finnish education system

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