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19 Great Tools to Create Educational Infographics

Because human beings are visual creatures,communicating visually proves to be the most effective strategy to get your message clearly conveyed.One way to achieve this is to use infographics especially in this digitally oriented world wherein people are fed up with reading too much information overload.If you allow a reader to choose between a long article containing more than 1000 words and an inforgrafic that needs just some scrolls up and down,they will undoubtedly prefer the second option, infographic.

Infographics have been utilized in all sectors of our life, education is no exception.Nowadays, teachers and educators endeavor to look for great educational infographics to use with their students in the help them in their task,I've compiled a list of tools to create your own infographics

 It allows you to create eye catching charts with interactive easy to share data

it enables you to customise infographics and exchange them on social sites

a free web based tool with great looking interface and themes to create a simple infographic

infographic creating tool with the drag and drop features to turn your ideas into a full infographic

create your infographic without any design knowledge

great tool to create diagrams and offers pre-made diagram types and templates
7.Stat Planet

This tool enables you to create awesome visualisations and share them with other can be embedded into your browser or download it for free
8.Many eyes

this easy to use tool gives you ready made visualisations that you can fill in with your data

it helps you create interactive data requires a download

you can use your own data to create interactive visualizations through a set of libraries,packages, and data visualization frameworks

it helps you generate words clouds from texts that you provide

this is an easy to use chart maker just choose your chart type and you add your data then you customize colors and size

with just one click , you can create great resume format

it allows you to create visually engaging and interactive allows you to use dynamic

 a great tool to create  professional-quality flowcharts,floor plans,diagrams, technical drawings, and more.

it turns your words into amazing,well sized and colorful clouds

create online interactive installation required

this tool not only creates  infographics and data visualizations but also allows you to track analytics of who is viewing your infographic
19.What about me

it helps you create infographics based on on your social media accounts

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