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7 Free Web based Tools to Create Educational Animations

With the fabulous advance of Web2.0 tools in the educational field, enlivening up the learning environment and bringing characters to life have become an attainable skill for any 21st century educator.One way to achieve this is to take advantage of animation tools.The latter proves to be an effective educational strategy to : boost motivation and inspire interest in learning,create a low anxiety and funny atmosphere conducive to learning,and develop students'storytelling,problem solving,communication,and computer skills_ to name but a few.

As usual in teacherstechworkshop, I've selected the top free web based tools and  to create educational animations.Check out the list below

 Goanimate makes it possible for everyone to animate their inspirations in countless ways instantly.with goanimate, you can choose your characters,different themes and backgrounds; add speech bubbles;you can upload your own music and effects and record your voice

this great tool allows you to speak through just upload a picture,select the mouth on the picture,record the sound, and this way you make the picture speak.

it's a simple to use web based tool to turn your words into a 3d animated allows access to powerful animation options;create engaging online adds;customise your actors and many other things

It enables you to create speaking avatars and use them in class as a learning can add voice to your voki avatars;create customised avatars;pots your voki to social learning platforms
it's a free to use web based tool to make movies from clips using the click and drag option from the tutorial below to know how it works

easy to use tool to tell your stories with the the tutorial to know how it works
free online web based tool to create animations for kids.once done,you can share your animation on different social platforms

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