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A list of great digital storytelling tools

Storytelling has long been used as an educational tool to motivate and engage students.As time changes, the way we tell stories should change too.The world we live in has become more digitally oriented, which necessitates a new version of telling stories.Digital storytelling, the use of digital tools to tell a story,is the new version of the ancient art of storytelling.As long as the bulk of students worldwide are digital natives,digital storytelling is gaining more momentum in the educational sphere.

Why digital storytelling in education
  • It develops reflection,critical,communication,technological,and creativity skills for students
  • A great strategy to motivate and engage learners
  • it fosters leadership and group work spirit
  • Global,digital,visual and multimedia literacies are promoted 
  • It helps to create a low-anxiety atmosphere in the classroom
  • It encourages students to bring and share their own stories withe their classmates and teacher
  • It serves as a personal and authentic learning experience
Below is a list of some free digital story telling tools for educational purposes:

This web-based tool allows students to create their stories using various accessories,characters,background scenes.

This is  a nice tool to create interactive videos embedded with your images,text,music, and short video clips
 It's an educational tool to create your own customized talking characters.You can embed your recorded voice into your Voki and share on social media

This is an engaging platform to create school projects online.It promotes students'21st century requires a sign up

It enables you to create your personal digital stories,comic strips or cartoons.Watch Creaza-accompanied video to learn more
6.Picture book maker

It helps your child create a lovely book just from different pictures and templates
 This is a tool to help you add speech bubbles to the picture

Create awesome presentations through combining narration and pictures

Create interactive rich-media timelines using your videos,pictures,blogs,and music
10.Little bird tales

This is a great kids helps them make drawing, record,create and share stories online

 It enables users to read stories of others and create their own visual ones in seconds.It requires a free sign up

Tell stories using your own comics.Benefit from a 30 days trial
 This is a cloud application to share and discuss presentations,videos and audio files.users can comment on voicethread slides using different commenting options
Create interactive and rich-media posters
15. Kerproof

It enables you to create appealing online animated comics.To create a lovely story, users can add animation, speech bubbles,music, movement,and choose different scenes

Create your own 3D pop-up stories.You can upload either your own photos or use the stock photos
17.Google Search stories

Create a digital story by using the video-audio stock 

 This is a great website to create animated videos in the video there to learn more

Make a free digital films using different backgrounds,characters ,animated dialogues and actions and many other things
20. Domo animate

It enables students to create customized animated stories using different backgrounds,characters,and scenes
21.Zwimmer Twins

It's a great web based tool to trigger your kids'creative storytelling skills

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