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A List of Great Tools to Optimize Your Images

Technical competence, together with pedagogical competence, is one of the characteristics of 21st century teachers and students.If you run a website ,image optimization is an indispensable skill that you need to master to make your website run smoothly.Optimized images not only reduce your website load time, but also your bandwidth consumption.

To help you shrink and optimize your images the way you like, I've rounded up a list of the most well known and free image optimization tools.The list is for sure not comprehensive,if you know any other tool your most welcome to share with us.

It gets rid of unnecessary bytes and reduces the image file size without changing it's visual quality.You can run either from the web or from the FireFox Yslow extension

In addition to removing gamma and color related PNG images,PNGPong allows you to compress PNG to the minimum

It allows you to insert copyright information onto images and to delete PNG files accompanied meta data
 IT removes unwanted tags from PNG and JPG images

 You can use Riot from your windows or from IrfanView extension.It serves uncommon image formats and allows you to juxtapose the optimized image and the original one

This tool removes unnecessary comment and color related handles GIF,PNG, and JPEG animations
It's a lossless optimizing image tool which supports GIF,PNG,PCX,TGA,JPG,BMP image file formats
It's a free tool for Mac OS users to crush the PNG files through the drag and drop iterface  to get highly optimzed  images
This is a great PNG optimizer with the function to convert different file formats into optimized PNG.Mac OS users can use OptiPng through PNGCrusher application
10.Vso Image Resiser
This tool is for windows is a great image resizer and's a multilingual tool, by the way
11.Online Image Optimizer
It's an online optimizing tool, from Dynamic Drive,to compress images by entering the URL of an image or uploading it from your computer. Also,it allows you to convert your optimized images to the format that you want
It is for Mac OS and Windows users to optimize and compress your Gif images
This free tool, for windows users, helps you to : reduce the weight of your PNG file,convert lossless image formats ino PNG,create quick PNG screenshot,and remove wrong or irrelevant informtion from your PNG files
This one tool here is a free photoshop pluging to save small PNG files.It offers other advanced PNG feautures

 This online tool enables you optimize,animate ,and convert your GIf,PNG,and JPG image formats.To get started, you just paste the image URL or upload image from computure
This is an Air application with a friendly user drag and drop interface to resize images the way you supports GIF,PG and PNG images

 what's good about this tool is that: First, it supports most image formats.Second, it, by default, chooses the converted image format
it's a free online optimizing tool to resize,border,and crop your picture just the way you wish without affecting the quality of the picture.when you finish, your optimized picture gets juxtaposed with the original one
It is a web based tool to resize your image by reducing the image size by bytes and pixels
 It allows you to resize,edit,crop,rotate, and convert your images the way you like
21.Webgraphics Optimize
It's a free user friendly tool,for windows users,to highly compress and optimize images for online and internet use.with this tool you can compress all your images just by a few mouse clicks
it's a free easy to use tool to reduce the image file size with no loss to image qualtiy.this reduces the load time of your images and just enter the image URL or you upload the image from your computure and enjoy optimization as you wish
This free online too allows you to crop , edit, and resize your images.To get started,you just  browse a picture from your computure or drag it then click continue button and your picture is optimized
24.Shrink Pictures
this is a great optimizing tool to resize your pictures and share them directly on facebook via facebook image resizer
25.Jpg Cleaner
 This is a cool tool to delete JPG files from irrelevant picture data without loss of picture quality
It's a free optimizing tool to compress and optimize JPEG,PNG, and GIF image formats into different size and quality images.You just paste the URl of the image you want to optimize or you upload it from your computer

It's a Net application tool to convert your image formats into great optimized PNG format.and just like other tools, the image quality is not lost

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