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A Nice Tool to Take Notes While Watching Videos

If you love watching videos and simultaneously want to take notes ,  Videonotes is the optimum solution.It is a free online tool allowing you to take notes while watching videos.Videonotes is a google drive app that works on all browsers supporting Mac,Unix,and Windows users. To start using it,you need a google account so that your notes are saved on google drive.
 How Videonotes works:
  • Paste the video URL so as to  load it on the left side of the screen
  • type notes on the right side of the screen once your video is on
  • click the save button to save your notes in a document and share them later with your friends or just on social networking platform 
 Watch this tutorial to know more

Applications for the classroom:
  1. encourage notes sharing between the teacher and their students
  2. Teachers can embed assignment notes onto the video
  3. create a table of contents or annotate a captured lecture
  4. allow group of students to collaborate on notes

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