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Classdojo:Free Virtual Classroom tool to Improve Students'Behavior

Classroom management is one of the most utmost concerns for any educator worldwide.Managing effectively students' behaviour is the kernel of an effective teaching and learning process.With the advance of web2.0 tools in education, classroom management is no longer restricted just to in-class time but also to out-class time.To term it differently,there are some web based tools teachers can employ to cope with their students'behavior.A case in point is Classdojo which is a free  virtual classroom tool to help teachers improve their students'behavior in the classroom.

Why Classdojo?
  • It allows teachers to share students'data behaviour with their parents and administrators.
  • It instills good learning habits and behaviors
  • It provides reports and behavior tracking analytics which can be shared with administrators and parents
  • It's a good strategy to reinforce good behaviour and get your students engaged
  • It decreases the In-class time spent managing behavior and increases the teaching time
  • It's accessible for Ipad and Iphone users
Watch the tutorial below to know how Classdojo works:

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