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12 Great qualities of a good teacher

Do you think there is a short cut way to teach effectively in this digital world or be labelled a good teacher? My personal answer is a flat ''No'' as I firmly believe that teaching is an ever-growing art whose limit is the sky.I really like the quote of the developmentalist Diaz who says'' teaching effectively is not one size fits all''.That's to say, there is no ready made recipe to teach effectively.To be labelled a good  teacher is a real challenging task.below are some traits I think a good teacher should have

Effective teachers are those who:
  • are knowledgeable, positive,patient,and humble
  • Humanistic and kind towards their students
  • adapt rather than adopt teaching methods and strategies
  • engaging personality and teaching style
  • create a  low anxiety environment conducive to learning
  • have positive rapport with their students
  • Set high expectations of their students
  • Have profound impact upon their students
  • Good discipline and classroom management skills
  • Have clear objectives for lessons
  • Humorous,insightful, accessible,flexible,and communicator
  • Skilled and charismatic leader

What makes a good teacher

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