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Remind 101: Free Service to Keep in Touch with Students and Their Parents

communication and learning are two sides of the same coin;one can't exist without the other.communication between teachers and students is at the core of an educational positive rapport especially in this technological oriented world,wherein more digital content is incorporated in classrooms.

To facilitate interaction among teachers, students, and parents, I am providing you with a free online service called, Remind101.This service allows teachers to email or text message students and stay in touch with parents.Remind101 is not only a great way to share information but also an effective strategy to get students and parents engaged without having  to know their phone numbers.

Why use Remind 101:
  • It enables parents to know about their children's academic achievement
  • It improves interaction among teachers,students, and parents
  • It allows teachers to text message or email their students and parents without knowing their phone numbers
  • It's great way for teachers to keep in touch with their students and increase classroom participation
  • It is also accessible for iPhone and Andriod phone users 
  • It's a great reminder for homework or some special events
Watch the tutorial below to know how Remind 101 works 

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