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10 Great inspiring videos you shouldn't miss

Changing positively students'way of thinking is the most precious thing a teacher can fulfil in his or her career.Int the literature of education, there are various ways to inspire,motivate,and shape students thinking skills.But, as usual, I give priority to digital solutions since today's students are digital natives.In this regard,I am providing you with a collection of YouTube videos to motivate and inspire students.Of course these are all my personal choice.If you know any other great motivational video,you're most welcome to share with me
1.Never Give Up

 2. The Don’t Quit Poem

3.This Is How Winners Are Made

 4. Commencement Address by Steve Jobs

 5.Will Smith: The running and reading ( the key to life)


6.Free Hugs Campaign

 7.Why Do We Fear?

8.Nick Vujicic Motivational story

 9.Dear Hardwork

10.Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

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