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14 great web annotation tools

with the loads of information available on the net, annotating your content online is a very much needed skill everyone of us should acquire.web annotating tools are free services that enables you to comment,share,
discuss,highlight, and mark your online content.for this reason,I've compiled a list of great web annotating tools to get more organized

 I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with Diigo and Diigolet,which helps you highlight,comment, and add sticky notes to your web pages.

As its name indicates,this tool allows you draw on top of web pages and only Drawhere users can see your drawings
 This is a famous tool to capture anything on your computer screen.once you capture an image, you can annotate it adding comment,text,arrow,frame and many other things.Jing doesn't allow you to annotate videos
This is a web-based application tool to put sticky notes on your web pages
 This the Firefox or Google Chrome extension to highlight your web pages
 A.nnotate is an online tool that allows you to annotate your images,web pages,and documents
 This is the web marker pen to enjoy highlighting your web pages and documents
 8.The commentor

  Thanks to this tool, you can leave comment on your images,documents,and web pages
 Just like other tools,this one here helps you add notes and highlight text on your web pages.This tool is different from others in that you can organize your notes with tags and folders
 It's an awesome highlighter to use with your web the video there to know more
11.Note Anywhere
 This is a Google Chrome extension to leave notes on your web pages
 Markup allows you to draw on web pages using various tools to give rein to your thoughts and opinions

This is a cool tool to share ideas on any web page
 This is a nice tool to capture all information you need and most important of all is that you can insert whatever you like into your notes

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