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5 free tools to create classroom posters

Decorating and turning your classroom into a colourful learning environment is one of the characteristics of the 21st century classroom.The use of educational posters is the most commonplace means to achieve that.The pedagogical power of posters is almost like the one of infographics.

 Below is a list of 5 tools to create classroom posters

 This is a great image editing tool.Picasa also allows you to create posters;just go to create,make a poster, then you can have access to different images and text editing tools to create your posters
 It's a popular online photo-editor and poster-creator as well.To enjoy adding various effects and texts on pictures,you need first to submit your own pictures
 This tool not only provides free poster templates bu also enables you to use your own pictures to create posters.once you choose your picture, you can embed and adjust text the way you like on your poster
4.Poster forge
 It allows you to create funny and original posters using your own pictures
 This is a free software to make appealing posters

   Here is a website containing amazing free classroom posters

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