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7 free group text messaging tools for teachers

Now that mobile learning has revolutionized the way teachers teach and students learn, group text messaging has become a handy way to keep teachers in touch with students and their parents.Texting tools help teachers to bridge the gap between the classroom and the outside world.

Upon a google search,I've selected the best free tools teachers can count on to safely group text message to their students
 This is the simplest way to send text,email,and voice messages to your students
 This is a very to use app to chat with your students
 It's a great mobile communication service which allows you to text and call textplus users for free
 Classpager is an awesome text tool to get students engaged in discussions and assess everyone's understanding
 This free service urges students to perform better as it simplifies communication between parents and teachers
 It's almost like kikutext service in that it enables teachers to safely text message students and keep in touch with their parents
This tool as its name indicates allows you to create groups so that everyone can easily communicate with each other

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