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Have you ever thought of becoming a broadcaster just from your home? the answer is yes.Making your voice heard in a blink of an eye worldwide is a core aspect of 21st century society.In this information age,Internet broadcasting is increasingly becoming a popular service to broadcast live your content.Thanks to this service,broadcasters are now able to connect with their viewership,broaden their listeners,and create a live interactive community.

To enjoy Internet live broadcasting,I've compiled a list of 7 free live streaming services broadcasters can use

This is the most popular live streaming platform used by broadcasters worldwide.its easy and simple service allows you to create free live broadcast in a few minutes.I'd recommend you to use chrome browser with ad block plus add to avoid Ustream commercial adds
This is is an esay to use live video service that enables you to watch,capture,and share your  videos from mobile phones and webcams to the Internet
This is where live events and people are connected.Livestsream allows you to watch different live events and share your live videos on various online communities
Justin.TV is a very simple to use service to create live videos.users not only can share their videos on thousands of online channels but also browse multiple premium broadcasters streaming their videos
This the easiest way to broadcast your live videos from your mobile phone and share them on different social networks
This service provides you with a free instant video,audio and text chatting.Users can embed the Youcams code in their sites or blogs to enjoy communicating live with their followers
Just like other services,Younow helps its users to broadcast live their videos with a huge audience,and grow their social networks

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