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A must-have list of 12 FREE PDF TOOLS

If you favour PDFs to other documents and you want to make full use of them,you just need a PDF tool.
Thanks to the web2.0 technology,you can not only view and read PDFs but also interact with them.In this regard,I've rounded up a list of free PDF tools that will assuredly make you love PDFs more than ever

 This is a free online converter containing four PDF tools.the first tool turns webpages into a PDF files with no watermarks.the second tool turns your PDF files into texts.the third one turns your PDF files into mobi files and the fourth one turns your PDF files into epub files

  It's a free online HTML to PDF, HTML to Image and HTML to SVG converter using the HiQPdf Library for .NET
As its name indicates,this tools is a free simple HTML to PDF converter.It requires neither installation nor registration
 This is a very to use tool to convert your PDF,word,doc into an interactive needs no registration

It converts your webpages into PDF just enter the URL of webpage you want to convert into PDF and enjoy converting
This is a free service to turn your blog into a high-quality PDF book.the process takes 3 to 4 minutes depending on the blog size
 It converts any printable document into professional quality PDF files with no watermarks or pop-up web adds
 It enables you to share your PDF documents on the web and embed them on your blog or website
 This free tool not only allows you to merge up to 10 PDF files in one but also to extract or split pages in PDF
 This is my favourite tool as it allows me to view and annotate PDF files online
 11.PDF2Excell converter
This is a free to use tool to convert PDF into excel
 This is a nice website containing a bunch of PDF tools from Image to PDF,Rotate PDF pages,extract images,and many other tools

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