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An Introduction to the E5 instructional model

The E5 instructional model defines effective teacher practice,which will assist every teacher every day in every classroom to know what high quality practice looks like.This model,teacher-centered, aims at increasing students'learning through improved teacher practice.
 E5 model gives teachers deep insights into where they're are at in their practice,where they're located in terms of their proficiency level , and those areas they can improve .The model is  centrally built around five active verbs:Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.

A curriculum task or the teacher activates students'prior knowledge to get them engaged in a new concept via the use of:
  • short activities to elicit prior knowledge,promote curiosity,and make connections to past learning experiences
  • asking  probing questions
  • presenting a video clip or a powerpoint presentation
students work collaboratively on activities which help them use their prior knowlegde to generate ideas and explore questions and possibilities.During this phase, students:
  • investigate
  • develop awareness  and practise skills
  • collect data, test predictions,and make predictions
students explain their understanding of concepts under the guidance of their teacher.In this phase, teachers and students:
  •  Define and clarify concept understanding
  • Share feedback
  • Listen critically to each other
  • make generalizations
Students elaborate their understanding of concepts by revisiting previous activities or adding additional ones to have a deeper understanding of concepts.In this phase, students:
  • use knowledge of concepts to investigate further
  • apply explanations and skills to new,but similar,situations
  • Provide practice and reinforcement
students asses their knowledge ,abilities,and skills.This allows teachers to evaluate their students' progress towards achieving the educational objectives.In this phase, students:
  • Use their previous experiences to draw conclusion
  • Demonstrate an understanding or knowledge of concept or skill
Watch this animated introduction to  E5 instructional model

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