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Biteslide:The engaging platform for presenting school projects

Biteslide is an online free engaging platform to present efficiently school projects.It is designed specially for students and teachers.At the core of Biteslide are slidebooks.The latter is a creative and fun way to voice up yourself using videos,text,images and much more.

Because privacy and safety are paramount,Biteslide seriously protects teachers and students'work.All what students and their teacher create is kept in a corner called ''walled garden''.Walled garden can be accessed only by authorised students and teachers.Additionally,the content is published to web merely after the teacher's explicit authorisation

        Benefits of Biteslide:
  • It promotes the online version of Project Based Learning (PBL)
  •  It helps teachers to assign,manage,and give feedback on students'projects
  • It sharpens students'creativity in creating slidebooks
  • It provides more room for collaboration between students
  • it develops students'research,communication,and critical thinking skills
  • It's good for students of all ages

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