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Enigma: An awesome brain teaser

Brain is the most powerful organ humans possess in their fight against laziness,idleness,monotony,boredom, and passivity.Just like the way athletes exercise their bodies to keep fit so does our brain to keep fresh and alert.raining your brain as much as you can is to help you become productive,active,and critical thinker.

Fortunately,there is a cool iPad app to help your brain stay as sharp as a tack.The app is called Enigma.It's a true brain teaser to test and challenge your intelligence in many various ways.If you think your IQ can outsmart any game,then Enigma is the best challenge for you.It tests your general cleverness in different subjects like Math,Science,Art......etc.

Enigma provides a set of questions with different fields of logic to truly test your brain.Once you answer a question ,you go to another more difficult one;if you answer most of the questions, you will be labelled  genius

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