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Gooru: Teachers'best friend

Lucky we are that we live in world wherein technology is very instrumental in education.Technology and education are pretty much intertwined in that one can't do without the other.21st century teachers employ tech tools to simplify and prettify the teaching and learning process.

A core feature of how technology comes in handy for teachers is this amazing website called's a free search engine for learning to discover the web best learning sources,organize them into customizable playlists,
and use them in the classroom or at home.

To clarify difficult concepts for students,teachers use videos,games and interactives available on Gooru.
Teachers can also track their students'progress and provide instant feedback on their work.By so doing,you allow more room for personalised and differentiated instruction.With Gooru,teachers enjoy assigning quizzes and collections to their students,and manage class assignments as well.

Pure and simple,thanks to Gooru students can study anything anywhere with great simple and innovative
                                            This is how Gooru works

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