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Gradekeeper: The iPad app to keep track of students'attendance

Today's post is a bout the Graderkeeper app.It's an excellent iPad app teachers can use to keep track of students attendance and Grades.This app is used by thousands of teachers in view of its wonderful pedagogical value.with this app,teachers no longer have to take attendance using a pen and paper.

Graderkeeper is the teacher ''life saver'' as it helps them to:
  •  record daily attendance notes for classes,events or meetings.
  • attach a picture to each student so that teachers easily remember students'names
  • create classes on iPad and add assignments and scores
  •  Import student rosters from a text or csv file
  • Track students progress reports 
  • get students arranged in seating charts
  • Use the seating chart to mark students absent
Watch this tutorial to see how you can use Gradekeeper with your students

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