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Lingro_to turn your website into a clickable dictionary

Imagine you,as a teacher,or your students land on an interesting article online,but  it contains some difficult words you need to look them up in your dictionary.are you going to use your a hard cover dictionary or an online dictionary?In either case,I think the attention may get distracted and hence some students may end up giving up reading the article.

If you ask your students either they prefer reading an article with all the words clickable for meaning or an article that necessitates using a dictionary for words'meaning,I'm pretty sure they will go for the first option.To turn all the words of any website or digital text into a clicable dictionary is the gist of today's post. some of you may argue that by so doing, we are inadvertently spoonfeeding knowledge to students.  Personally I don't think so because our students are digital natives.
Lingro is the best website I recommend for my students to turn any website into a clickable dictionary.The first step to do is to copy your website address and paste it on Lingro search bar to make all the the words clickale.The second step, you choose the language you want on the right corner then you click on the blue arrow right there to enjoy to the full your reading

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