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SoundHound:an amazingg app to recognize song's lyrics and singers

Have you ever heard a song in a store or on TV,radio or wherever and you want to know its lyrics or who was singing?SoundHound  is the best app for you.It's a free app available for iPad,iPod,iPhone,Windows phone,and Android users.It is instant music search and discovery.once you hear a song that appeals to you, you just  open up the app and tap for SoundHound and it will record part of the song for probably 10 to 15 seconds then it will look up the title of the song,lyrics,and the singer.

Once SoundHound identifies the song, you can share it with your Friends on social networks or  bookmark it.
More than this,even if you just hum a tune or sing SoundHound will provide you with a list of the closest matches for you
    Watch this tutorial to know how SoundHound works

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