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TeacherKit: amazing Ipad app every teacher should know about

TeacherKit is a cool iPad app by teachers for teachers.It's been proven useful for many teachers as it allows them to organize classes and students,monitor students'behaviour, and track attendance,and grades.The easy-to use intuitive interface of TeacherKit makes it very simple for any teacher to use it.This awesome app is available in many languages

What teachers can do with TeacherKit:
  • create a classroom for each of your classes
  •  Add your students manually or import them from your iPhone or iPad's contacts
  • creating your students' profiles via uploading their photos,adding their phone numbers emails,and a probably a short introduction of each student;Hobbies,likes,dislikes,free time activities,,,etc
  •  Create a customizable setting chart to track students'attendance
  • create a grade book and add students inside
  • Monitor easily each student behaviour
Watch the tutorial to know how TeacherKit works 

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