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Top 8 apps to record audio notes

In this fast paced digital world,taking and recording notes instantly are two very important skills every 21st century learner should know about.Below is a list of 8 popular audio notes recording apps you can rely on to record and take your notes.if you know any other app, don't hesitate to share with me

This is the most valuable note taking app and time saver in that it quicky takes your notes and get them organized

2.Audio Notes Recorder
 As its name indicates, Audio Notes recorder is an awesome simply to use app to record your notes using multiple options
In addition to its ability to record notes,AudioNote allows you to synchronize notes and so doing,your lectures,meetings,or study sessions get automatically indexed
This is a free app to help you organize your schedule especially if it's hectic.with this app you no longer have any excuse to forget tasks because it's a great reminder.It also helps you to take notes either audio,video,or even photo notes
5.Super Note
Super Note helps you to take and record notes in an efficient way.It also reminds of your tasks just like the inClass app.This app is great for interviews,meetings,class sessions,and conferences as well
Thanks to this app, you can enjoy taking and recording notes the way you like.Additionally,you can annotate your PDF documents and handwrite using an integrated stunning retina ink
Just like other apps,SoundNote enables you to take notes in different settings.using this app, you will never miss any important detail as it tracks what you type while recording audio

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