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Twiducate: teachers/students free private social network

Extending the learning environment from the classroom platform to the digital one is a very much sought skill every 21st century teacher should know about about.Now that the bulk of students are digital natives,creating an online environment where teachers and students can easily interact is to boost students'academic achievement and create a positive rapport between teachers and students.
Only a very few limited social networking sites do they offer special privileges to teachers and students alike.Twiducate is a living example of this.It's a free resource for educators to create a private and safe learning network with their students.It provides more control over visibility and content in that only students and teachers can view classroom posts.Twiducate is a great opportunity to enhance your students web2.0 skills and expand their reading and writing skills beyond the classroom sphere.

Basic features of Twiducate:
  • It's a free and easy to use service
  • Teachers have fully-fledged control over the content 
  • It enables teachers to create a private social network with their students
  • It allows you to add other teachers and their students to your social network
  • It helps students collaborate to answer various questions and share their own way of learning
  • It allows you to embed pictures,documents,links,and videos
Watch this tutorial to know how Twiducate works

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