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7 Amazing Facebook templates to use in the Classroom

we take it for granted that students learn best by doing.if you want your students to get deeply immersed in the material being taught, let them have their say and contribute to the planning of the lesson so that you assure more personalized learning.This can be achieved through harnessing the power of social networks as instructional tools.The medium that is familiar and engaging to most students is Facebook.It's the place where they hang out during and after school and feel more comfortable.
Leveraging students' craze for facebook to generate more learning opportunities is the gist of today's post.
This can be done via using facebook templates in different ways.Rather than having your students read about
great historical figures from textbooks,you can assign students to create phony Facebook or "Fakebook" pages where they can add various pictures and biographical information about those figures in the different sections in the template.students can also interact with each other's pages and grades can be grounded on quality posts and active participation.Similarly,students can role play ,for instance, authors,historical characters,and/or scientists, posting quotes,updates and comments.This is akin to film industry wherein actors incarnate others'characters.

Below are some of the most popular facebook templates available for free.Enjoy

1. Google docs online templates  for Literary & Historical figures.Check here

 2.Check out this template from Read Write Think

3. Fakebook:A web-based Facebook template that can be edited, saved on the Web

4.Dowload this facebook template,by Brian , in the following formates:

5. Facebook Template (Handout)

6.Facebook template that you can here
7.Fake Facebook Pages for Historical Figures

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