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Awesome Free Templates to Create Classroom Newspapers

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some free web tools teachers can rely on to create digital magazines and newspapers for their classrooms.Today's post is a response to an email I received from a friend of mine asking about free and handy templates teachers can use with their students to create e-newspapers.After a thorough google search,I come up with a host of awesome newspaper templates to share with you .I've already downloaded some of them and found out that they really rock.
These templates render e-magazines creation utter enjoyment.The procedure is very just opt for the template layout you want to use,download it,and customize it the way you want.You can change text colour and fonts,headings, and insert text and images.Of course you should be careful while editing so as not to get out of alignment or even lose the original template format especially those made of lines,coloured borders,and boxes.

1.Newspaper Template for PowerPoint
    Download here
2.Newspaper Template for Word
  Download here
3.Back to School newspaper Template
 Download here
4.Adobe Newspaper Template
 Download here
5.Microsoft Word Newspaper Template
 Download  here 

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