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Slideklowd_To turn your presentations into conversations

 Delivering presentations is an integral part of any profession,especially in the realms of education and business.But here at Teacherstechworkshop,educational issues always take special priority.
 Indisputably, A successful presenter is the one who converses with audience and takes their feedback into account.So,have you ever felt confused while presenting because you don't know either your audience like what you're doing or not? Do you want to know how you can interact with your audience,what questions they ask,and what they're thinking about your presentation? SlideKlowd provides the optimum solution for you.
SlideKlowd is a great service to push presentation content to your audience devices in real time.The content
can be delivered to any tablet,smartphone,or laptop running the audience app or modern browser.You can
also control the amount of content pushed to your audience devices.

To get your audience engaged and  have their say in feedback or polling data,SlideKlowd enables you to embed engagement tools within your content.This increases the audience interaction,makes them more receptive to your messages, and creates an atmosphere responsive to a call-to-action.

To enhance the quality of presentations, SlideKlowd lays at your disposal a robust analytics package that tracks polling questions,responses and comments from your audience - and displays that data in real-time to a presenter or facilitator. These reports can be compiled to collect specific data from your event, detail specific slides or even determine when your audience was the most and least engaged.

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