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The Impact of online relationships on real-world relationships

In this fast paced digital world,cyberspace is increasingly becoming the new frontier in social relationships. People are making friends,lovers,
enemies and colleagues on the Internet.IT’s really debatable whether online relations are inferior to real relations or vice versa.Anyway,it's up to you to decide as it's always relative and subject to judge on such issues.For some people,Cyberspace relations can never replace real world relations.they argue that Socializing in cyberspace is just a cultural fad, a novelty, a phase that people go through. They further add that that Internet infidelity is prevalent because anyone can hide their personality traits.For this category of people,virtual relations are regarded a sort of escapism from a world wherein sociable,brave,and honest people survive.

 For other people,making a relationship online is like a real world one or even better.According to two studies conducted by researchers at Loyola Marymount University''Participants in 3D virtual worlds are more satisfied with the romantic relationships they form online than with their real-life relationships, and their levels of sexual satisfaction are similar across both worlds''

To shed more light on this topic, I invite you to go through the graphic below.

The impact of online relationships on real-world relationships

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