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Top 21 Facebook Apps for Students

With so many teachers and students connected to Facebook,the social network has become a great learning platform for creating and sharing all sorts of applications for education.This is bound to give a boost to online education.To simplify,prettify,and enjoy learning using Facebook,I've rounded up a list of Facebook apps for students to use

1.Books iRead: This is where to share with your friends books you read and write book reviews
2.Flashcards:Create virtual flashcards tailored to your subjects
3.Classnotes:Use this application to find scanned notes for your classes on Facebook.
4.Studygroups : This application helps students team up on projects,discuss assignements,share notes,and help each other prepare for test
5.To Do Lists: Students use this tool to organize their school assignment.they can as many lists as they wish
6.Notely:This app allows you organize your notes,calendar,assingnments and more
7.Docs: use Facebook to monitor your google docs
8.Notecentric: use your facebook pages to take notes and share them with your classmates
9.Calendar: Keep track of of your personal schedule and share it with others if u feel like so
10.Zoho Online Office: This is where students store their presenetations and documents online to be shared with other students
11.Worldcat: This app helps you research topics and share information with your friends It enables students work together on school projects
13.SkoolPoolTalk about colleges with your classmates and friends
14.Vocabulary: Online audio show to teach you two words per show
15.Movies: movie quiz to test your knowledge
16.QuizTree: enjoy taking quizzez and invite your friends to join
17.Crazy Quizzez:Plethora of quizzez to take and share with others
18.Brain Buddies: test your brain capabilities and see if your friends outsmart you
19 .Sclipo: Social learning network for both students and teachers
20.College Super Fans:  demonstrate support for your school through adding its logo to your facebook page
21.Slideshare: upload your presentations and share them with others

P.S: You can also find interesting 4 Facebook apps for teachers
                    4 Facebook Apps for Teachers
1Webinaria Screenast Reorder: Record a video and share it with your students.
2.Mathematial Formulas: Share formulas,solutions and more3. Slideshare: Create presentations to forward to your students
4.Ace Flashacards app: Educators can introduce this app to students when exams are near approaching. It will allow them to create flashcards, look up words, study, and more.

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