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20 Great Tools for Teachers to Flip Their Classrooms

Flip teaching (or flipped classroom) is a form of blended learning in which students learn new content online by watching video lectures, usually at home, and what used to be homework (assigned problems) is now done in class with teacher offering more personalized guidance and interaction with students, instead of lecturing
       Below is a list of tools teachers can rely on to flip their classrooms.
1.Answer Pad: a cool assessment tool for teacher to track and monitor their students'success and create an engaging learning environment
2.Ask3: a great iPad app to use with your students inside and outside the classroom.It enables students and teachers to exchange questions and answers with videos and texts
3.Boomwriter: an excellent website to enhance students'creativity skills and sharpen their writing skills
4.KhanAcademy:this is the most popular learning environment to help students learn using different materials
5.Showme Intercative Whiteboard: an amazing app to turn your iPad into your personal interactive whiteboard to record tutorials and share them online
6.Stitch: an awesome app to create video presentations in minutes
7.Storykit: a handy app to help your students create an electronic storybook using different writing prompts
8.Teach: this is the app teachers need to create short video lessons to be published on so students can access them easily
9.Voicethread: use videos,diagrams,documents,and snapshots to create and share dynamic conversations
10.GoClass is a cloud-based teaching and learning platform designed for connected mobile devices in the classroom to enhance the classroom experience by enabling teachers to connect students with lesson plans and learning media on mobile devices.
11.Nearpod: a great tool to make lectures more engaging through interactive multimedia presentations
12.Animoto Video maker: turn your pictures into stunning videos in minutes
13.Audioboo:enjoy recording and sharing your voice with the world
14.Educrations:Use your iPad or browser to create and share amazing video lessons
15.Ted: watch outstanding Tedtalks with subtitles in over 90langueges
16.Schoology: Manage your classes, view assignments, track your grades, participate in discussions, and communicate with classmates.
17.Pagesend interactive whiteboard: create and share your ideas and presentations collaboratively with others
18.Edmodo:This is teachers'lifesaver app as it allows them stay constantly connected with their students.Teachers use it to post assignments,start conversations,upload and share files,and track students progress and grades
19.iBooks:allows you to download the latest bestselling books
20.Bluefire reader: enjoy reading ePub and PDF books with bluefire reader

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