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Collaborize Classroom_Transform Your Class into an Exciting Learning Community

Teachers today face enormous challenges like shrinking budgets,standardizing testing requirements,growing class loads,and disengaged students.Class discussions which can have a powerful positive impact on learning outcomes are often compromised.Not all students participate equally in class; some dominate the conversation while others are too shy to speak up;some need more time to formulate their responses while others respond quickly and confidently.How can a teacher foster engage participation from all students in the face of a growing workload while accommodating different learning styles? the answer is Collaborize classroom.It's an easy-to-use private and secure online learning platform designed to complement classroom instruction and engage students in online activities,assignments and discussions.

Collaborize Classroom enables teachers to prompt dynamic discussions,check for understanding, engage in debates,get valuable input on assignment,support student-driven projects.For a teacher to start a collaborize classroom on a certain topic,they can begin using a question type like yes or no questions,multiple choice questions,vote or suggest questions,or sometimes just traditional forum type questions.these and various question types inside a collaborize classroom provide both structure and variety to online class conversations and stimulate students'creativity.Collaborize classroom lets you embed videos,pictures,and even pdfs into your individual questions or topics.You and your students can easily integrate useful resources,articles,interviews,artwork and videos within the safe space of your classroom.

Because online discussions aren't limited by the length of a class period,students have time to think about questions,articulate powerful answers, and read ideas and answers posted by their peers all in a familiar environment that students already like and are comfortable with.the results of any conversation  can be published on the results page, and the outcomes from students participation are displayed on an easy to use graphical format.these visible outcomes along with your concluding remarks about a discussion provide closure and make it possible for you to weave those online discussions and outcomes back into the regular classroom activities.

collaborize classroom will save you time; you will not spend hours creating,copying,and grading unnecessary papers.instead,you will start meaningful discussions that engage students and promote individual contributions to classroom conversations.

    This is how to get started with Collaborize Classroom

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