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How Do Men and Women Differ in their Use of Social Media?

Difference is not only the spice of physical life but also virtual life.It's really amazing to know that female and male behavior differs concerning the use of social networking.Do you think that the way we interact with social media is gender-based? The first thing to notice is that women (71percent) outnumber men (62percent) using social networking sites. Twitter,for example,seems to be domintaed more by  women ( 62perent) than men .The same thing applies to Pinterest, the overwhelming majority of women (70 percent) use it for different purposes.women on facebook participate in (62 percent) of the sharing though men use it more than men.But when it comes to using Youtube,Google Plus,and Linkedin, men appear to dominate more than women do.

   Check out the infographic below to know more about the genders'social media use 

Social Gender Infographic
Courtesy of:Internetserviceproviders

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