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Important Ways to Find Free Licensed Content Online

Finding Creative Commons content is not as easy as you might think.This requires for some searching skills or tricks to save you time and help you avoid copyright infringement.Of course Google is the most popular search engine, so let's start with it to find licensed content.

Instead of clicking on Google ''Advanced Search'' and using search filters that align with creative commons licenses,you just land on creative commons search page,enter your search query,and specify what you're looking for.For instance,if you're searching videos,you enter your query in the search bar and choose YouTube;if you're searching articles,you choose Google web....etc.
Here is a list of the best online resources to find free licensed content

Creative Commons Images
    1.AnimalPhotos: Provides various photos of animals
    2.Creativity103: abstract background,design and texture to use for free or just for inspiration
   3.Flickr: this is the most photo sharing site to find licensed photos
   4.Photoeverywhere: amazing travel photos
   5.Compfight: search for creative commons licensed photos
  6.Openclipart: free to use professional clip art 
  7.Deviantart: it contains a repositroy of CC licensed original artwork
Creative Commons Audio
Creative Commons Video
  1.Youtube CC
Creative Commons Texts
 1.Wisdomcommons: free to use poems, essays,fables, and more
 2.Intratexts: a great library of old texts and recent ones
 3.Travellspoint: collection of licensed texts about destinations worldwide
Creative Commons General Search
  1.Google advanced search

  2.Yahoo creative commons search

  3.Creative search


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