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Infographic: The Impact of digital Technology on Cheating

No one can ever deny the great positive impact technology has upon our life in general and education in specific.But with the good comes the’s true that cheating is as old as human being existence but not so rampant as it is nowadays.students today have many more ways to be academically dishonest than students a generation ago.This is mainly attributed to the easy access to information from the Internet or mobile native students become more dependent on technology as a panacea to solve their school woes than on their own cognitive capacities. students have myriad opportunities for deceit, including posting homework answers on blogs, taking pictures of tests and passing them to other students, and going to websites that will answer math problems for them.


 "digital technology has made dishonesty a lot easier."echoe the words of Eric Anderman, a professor at Ohio State University.He pointed out that cheating is more likely to occur when teachers place a lot of emphasis on tests. However, when teachers emphasize "the learning more than the test, you get less cheating''

  The graphic below features the impact of digital tehnology upon cheating
How the digital age affects cheating and plagiarism
Watch How Instrcuctors are dealing with Academic Dishonesty

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